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SO Busy!

I can’t believe how busy I am. I’m wondering if I’ll even have time for keeping a log!! I had been hoping to post something yesterday, but no use! I collapsed at 11:00 pm and headed straight for bed. Here’s a typical day in the life of Luisa (now that I’m not working!)

7:30 am – 9:00 am
Wake up, get kids up, ask dear husband whether he’s heard the alarm, wake kids up again, make kid’s lunches, grab breakfast, ask dear husband (yes, again) whether he’s heard the alarm, drive the kids to school. Meet with mom who asks me to type up a notice for an upcoming school event. Promise to get it to her tomorrow morning.

9:00 am – 10:00 am
Notice a big pile of grass roll discards dumped on the street near house and realize I could patch up the bare spots in the back yard lawn. Grab hoe, shovel, etc., and proceed to make a patchwork quilt out of back yard lawn. Stamp it all down with feet, put sprinkler on.

10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Drive out to Lansing (my favourite hardware store) and speak to my favourite paint guy, Chris, about my horror paint situation (previous owners painted the 6 (count ’em!) doorways in my hall with latex paint over oil). Buy paint for the hallway and trim. Buy window hardware. Realize I could go home since I’ve bought everything I need to, but wander around (can you blame me? It’s a hardware/homeware store – my kind of heaven!) Buy new lighting for hallway, buy new hose. My bank account is not $300 less. Ahem. Very bad. Drive home.

12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Remember that sprinkler is on (oops) and turn it off. Grab lunch. Change into ripped up black tights with paint splatters, and micky mouse T-shirt and proceed to scrape at latex paint on the 6 (count ’em!) doorways. Get one doorway started yesterday done, and start on another. Realize that at this rate, I’ll be at it all month. Getting late, got to pick up kids, so vacuum up paint chips, change back into respectable clothes.

3:00 pm – 3:20 pm
Just enough time to run out to the local grocery store and get some groceries. Yes, I can do this in 20 minutes.

3:20 pm – 4:00 pm
Pick up kids at school. Talk to moms in school yard about various things: upcoming events, kids, homework my younger one hasn’t told us about, etc.

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Kid’s tennis lesson. Hey, actually get to sit down now.

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Make dinner, eat dinner, clean up after dinner.

6:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Run out to car fix-it shop to pick up car, which had been in for tune-up/oil-change.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Beg dear husband to give Ronnie a bath so I can work on notice for the upcoming school event. Beg dear husband for ideas on structure for notice, comes up with great ideas, which in the end are ingored (of course). Constantly interupted by kids. Can’t get much done.

9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Kids finally in bed. Finally get to work on notice in earnest. Too tired to make it look very nice. Fiddle and fiddle with various aspects. Spend some time on phone with husband looking for cool fonts. (We have two phone lines. My office is on the 2nd floor, his is in basement. Also, laser printer is in the basement. Nice to be able to phone him after printing it off and asking how it looks. Don’t we have a cool life?)

10:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Exhausted, but refuse to go to bed, must unwind. Make my usual 10:00 pm coffee (decaf mocha java from Starbucks – yum) and settle down to watch a horrible Voyager rerun, which I do every night. I can’t quite remember the episode, I think I fell asleep on the couch. Finally drag myself to bed at 11:00.

So endeth a typical day. I think I need a sabbatical from my sabbatical. (Actually, I really enjoy working on the house! I must be mad.)

Hey – it’s after 10 and I’m missing my horrible Voyager episode and my decaf!!!

Teenage Robins

This morning, I went out back to water some plants. I looked up at the robin’s nest under the deck roof and noticed two birds standing next to each other looking out. I thought it was mama and papa robin, but I’ve never seen them standing there like that. I thought they must be standing on the baby’s heads! But then I realized they WERE the babies!! They were teenagers now!! They had speckled fluffy breasts instead of the red breast. Wow. The others must have flown off! So I quickly watered the plants, thinking I might be able to watch them fly off. By the time I was done, there was only one remaining in the nest!

I quickly went indoors and watched from there. Just before I went in, I noticed mama bird (from now on, I assume it’s mama) with food in it’s mouth. As soon as I was inside, the last baby (I mean teen, they grow so fast *sniff!!) jumped and flew down to the deck. It ended up between two rails on the deck, facing the pool. Then I watched mama as she came tantalizingly close, chirping all the while. Meanwhile, baby-teen chirped back. Suddenly, whoosh, dad comes flying by at 100 miles per hour chasing another robin away, chirping madly. Mama stays close, eventually flying up to the nest looking for others, I guess. No one there (so sad!). She flew up to the top of the deck and stayed close to baby-teen. Eventually, she flew down to baby-teen and gave it the food she had been so lovingly carrying in her mouth. Then she flew up to the top of the hedges. Soon after, baby-teen flew right across the pool (!) and landed in the day lilies. 😀 Yay!! First real flight!! I could see no more.

Hmm. I wonder if they’ll return to the nest! It’s the first time we’ve had a successful nest in the deck area. They always build there, but soon after, we find the nest knocked to the floor – either by some cat, or no doubt the raccoon. Perhaps leaving the lights on all night discouraged the raccoons. What a lovely start to my day!