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Reid and Lord of the Rings

I remember the shock I received, oh, maybe 20 years ago, when I learned that two good friends of mine, Reid and Debbie, had NEVER read Lord of the Rings. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they were proud of the fact, and even made FUN of the book. It almost made me dump them as friends. Well, I must have forgiven them: I married one of them, and the other was my matron ^h^h^h^h^h^h maid-of-honour.

Now, finally, Debbie has decided to read Lord of the Rings. She’s chronicling her journey through it on her site. Of course, as any normal person could predict, she’s LOVING it. And so, Reid has lost his ally to the other side!!. And I get to say, “Nya nya, Debbie’s reading it… Debbie’s liking it, Nya Nya!!”

It’s time I pull out all the LoTR books and leave them in key places around the house. Perhaps if anyone reading this e-mails him, begging him to read it and succumb to the LoTR side, he’ll actually give it a try!!

No need to call 911!

Well, it seems I didn’t plunge 12 feet down to my death as my husband, brother and father feared.

Sheesh. Everyone got all worried when I needed to paint the stairwell. I do all my house painting while the kids are at school and Reid is at work. But for the stairwell, they wanted to make sure someone was around, I suppose, so that they could call 911 if they heard a big thump. So I ended up painting the stairwell one evening and Reid worked from home another day while I did the second coat.

Now where does one find a scaffold to put on stairs?? I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I built up an 8 foot long plank that could be used between two ladders (my brother had to tell me how to make it sturdy). I’m very proud of myself, not having done anything like it before. (Silly being proud over something so easy to build.) It was lucky Reid was around after all. I couldn’t lift the thing after I built it!

I’ve been painting on and off for months now, and although it’s been fun, I’m started to get really tired of it. I’m close to the end now, though!! I’ve only got the second coat to paint on the non-stairwell part of the hallway, and the trim on what seems like thousands of doors to go. Oh, yeah, and I have to rip up the carpet. 😛


Reid mentions in one of his blogs that my “growing up with both English and Italian cultures has had an effect on Luisa’s speech patterns.” I admit I have a slight problem with speech, but it’s not due to my learning to speak both English and Italian at the same time. I don’t know what causes it, but it’s definitely inherited. My brother and I have both gotten it from my mother. My dad has often stopped dead in his tracks, to stare at my mother incomprehensibly with “the look”, (head tilted to one side, smirking), as she declares “Go get me the thing in the stove”, when I know, quite clearly, that she meant “Go get me the container full of spaghetti sauce in the fridge.”

Boy, the brain can be a strange thing. I just seem to lose words sometimes. I can’t think of the word and so insert “thing” most often. It seems to get worse as I age. I’ll often slip the wrong word in now. For example, I can’t believe how often I’ve said, “OK kids, bedtime! Time to get your bathing suits on!” And then Michael will assume “the look” (head tilted to one side, smirking), and say “Do you mean PAJAMAS???”

We all love my mother’s sausages (especially Reid!) She was here for the past weekend and she decided she would show us how to make them. My brother came over, and we started the long job. Reid helped and took pictures, but often, he looked after the kids. When the three of us (mom, brother and I) worked together, I found we worked like a well-oiled machine. When we spoke, using “thing” or “stuff”, we knew exactly what the other meant.

I’ve only found one other person outside my immediate family who understood me without my having to remember the word I meant for “thing”. He was a fellow I used to work with for years, Alvin. Alvin, another co-worker Jim, and I worked on a project together for a long time. I would try to make a point, and Jim would just stare at me with the “look” (head tilted to one side, smirking) and I would realize he didn’t understand me. No doubt, somewhere back there as I explained my point, I used the word “thing”, or perhaps I slipped in the wrong word. I’d get frustrated and turn to Alvin and say, “Do you get what I’m trying to say???” And mercifully, Alvin would understand completely.

Perhaps this is why I consider myself to be lacking in writing skills. Sometimes getting the right word out of my head is like pulling teeth. (It does no good to insert the word “thing” in a technical document I might be writing for work!) I’m a terrible speller as well. Thank goodness for spell checkers and thesauruses (thesauri??).

Victoria Day Weekend

Spent most of the weekend in Thorold. We were there, along with my brother’s family, to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday and Mother’s Day, a week late. Things didn’t quite work out as we had planned since my nephew got sick while we were there, but it turned out well anyway. Except that the kids spent way to much time playing computer games, and I couldn’t convince them (as usual) to play outside.

Went off with my mom, again, with a shovel and various buckets to scour the forests nearby for interesting plants. Brought home lots of day lilies and some strange sort of plant that looks cool. I’ll have to identify it at some point. (No, it’s not poison ivy.) But she had also been asking her friends for plantings. She scored big time with a fern, something I’ve really been wanting, and with more hostas!! Yay!! I had decided that I didn’t want to buy any more plants. They’re so costly!! And so far, it’s working out well. It’s fun sharing/receiving plants from friends and family. I’m currently looking for a home for my rose of sharon. And as usual this time of year, I came home with various plants from dad: tomatos and lettuce.

We always go to Thorold on Victoria day weekend because their fireworks are held on the Sunday. That way, the kids go to bed on time on the Monday, but still get a great Victoria day celebration. There’s always food, drinks, and music before the show. However, this year for the first time, they decided to hold it on Monday. 🙁 So we missed out on fireworks this year.

I actually enjoy our time in Thorold because of the fact that there are no computers there. This time, Reid brought an iBook from work. So, as usual, the whole weekend revolved around it. (Just like at home. Seems like any spare moment Reid has, he’s in the basement with it. I’d be jealous if I were a normal woman. Example: Luisa’s cooking dinner, 20 pots on the stove, running around trying to get everything ready at once. Reid comes home from work, pecks her on the cheek, and runs off downstairs with the computer he hauls around with him. Great, Luisa thinks, he’ll be back in a moment and help me out. 20 minutes later…. “Reid??? What are you doing??” “Just setting up”. Ya. And checking e-mail, and checking various Apple/News/whatever web sites.) I’m sure Reid will view this paragraph as a challenge and post some exaggerated response on his own site.

Plan for the day today: finish sanding down all the filled holes/cracks in my hallway, sand down some more doorways (especially the one where I replaced the wood where the hinge was – it was cracked), and, hopefully, prime where necessary.