Waiver Agreement Prijevod

Any notification or request that is required or admissible or received under this guarantee agreement or other agreement of the parties considered in this regard is written. Unless otherwise stated in Section 7.01, such notification or request is deemed to have been duly made or submitted to the address of the part listed below or to any other address communicated in writing to the party making the notification or request. This delivery can be done manually, by mail, cable, telex or fax. Deliveries by cable, telex or fax are also confirmed by mail. (f) enter into a partnership, profit-sharing or licensing agreement or a similar agreement in which the debtor`s income or profits may be shared or passed on with another person; (ii) the issuance of the repayment guarantee does not result in a violation of an agreement to which the debtor belongs, nor a law, regulation, decree or judgment to which it is subject; (e) all agreements, documents and instruments previously forwarded to the issuer in accordance with item 7.1 remain fully in force. (a) Svaki dokument dostavljen temeljem ovog Ugovora o jamstvu bit é na engleskom jeziku. Document na hrvatskom ili nekom drugom jeziku bit ée popraeni s ovjerenim engleskim prijevodom dotiénog dokumenta, te ée se taj ovjereni prijevod smatrati kona`nim. I, the signed chairman of the obligor`s board of directors, duly authorized by its board of directors, heresafter certifies that the obligor, if notified in writing to the Bank and cancelled in writing by the Bank, was present at the time of this certificate of compliance for the entire six-month reference period, immediately before the date of that certificate. , in accordance with all commitments, commitments and agreements contained in the Facility Agreement and each of the other financing and project documents in which it is involved, and no events or events that are mentioned or continue in point 13.1 of the Facility Agreement. (c) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, no provision in this guarantee agreement or the guarantee facility agreement may be considered a waiver, waiver or other modification of any right, privilege or other modification of the Bank`s right, privilege or immunity, in accordance with Chapter VIII of the agreement establishing the Bank or applicable laws. , including, without restriction, immunity or protection from the Bank against the granting of interim measures or an injunction.