18 year olds: 2 word vocabulary

I didn’t know that 2 words could convey so much! Here are the only two words that an 18 year old male uses with his family:
1. Meh
2. Grunt

Hmmm. Maybe the second one isn’t really a word. It’s just a sound and can vary a bit depending on time of day. Cool, a 1 word vocabulary! Wait…. is “meh” a word?

I’ve seen the grunt used to convey:
Good morning.
Hi, how was your trip?
I don’t like pork chops.
I’m feeling fine, thanks for asking.

Reid thinks it’s a binary language
Just to keep things interesting, grunt (or 0) does not always mean No. Depends on the context.

What’s your theory?

3 thoughts on “18 year olds: 2 word vocabulary”

  1. “grunt” is of course Japanese, and in the mouths of young males can convey all the information required to sustain life. You must be proud to have a multilingual son!

  2. This is no joke, by the way, “un” & “uun” are in every Japanese dictionary! However, I must point out that when a Japanese woman uses the word, it sounds more like “Hmmm” to me. Japanese males like to say it the “uh” way.

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