Basement Reno – Done!

Well, it’s MOSTLY done. We still have some unpacking to do, and I believe it’ll take us quite a long time to get everything back to where it belongs. But Reid’s been back in the basement for a while now and most of our shelving is back up. What takes a particularly long time is sorting through things and deciding where they go. Plus, that’s mostly Reid’s job now. My job seems to be to badger him about it, poor fellow.

Furniture going in

Putting all the IKEA furniture together was fun (usually). The desk was a lot simpler to put together than I thought. But the couple of wall shelves that Reid wanted were the worst (trying to get therm to be even was next to impossible). We’ve been waiting a month now for one particular type of shelving to come back into stock. It’ll be what all our paperbacks go into, so they’ll be in boxes for a while yet.

Wall shelves

Reid's desk

Did I ever mention how much I love my cordless drill? I got it for Christmas. My brother has a similar one, and he mentioned how much he liked his, so I wanted the same one. It’s a little newer model, and heavier than his I think (unfortunately), but it’s a way cool red colour! It’s the Sears brand (Master Craft).

The cordless drill