Basement pictures and tonsils

The basement renovation is proceeding well. It’s taking a little longer than I expected, and I hate drywall dust, but I shouldn’t really complain. Of the renovations I’ve had in the past, this is the least amount of dust I’ve had to deal with. But I still hate it. I had to ask the workers to stop sanding because of Michael’s tonsillectomy, so they’ll pick up again after Christmas.

Speaking of Michael’s tonsillectomy, it’s been quite a trial. The operation was on Tuesday, and he still can’t talk much or swallow. It’s very, very painful. I can hear some of David Barker’s jokes already (about Michael not being able to talk). We found an online diary of a fellow who went through one, and it helped us a lot – just knowing that some of the symptoms are normal is good. But now we know to expect a longer recovery time than we originally thought.

And now, back to our originally scheduled blog… here are some pictures of the basement, starting with the before pictures. I think I’ll just keep updating this blog entry and add more as they become available. We’re going to take advantage of the empty basement to have a LAN party between Christmas and New Years. Want to come? Let us know (quickly!)


The basement
Reid’s cave


Emptying the basement…

Mostly empty desk area

East side


Laundry room
Laundry room


Demolished office area
Just a little dusty!

More demolished area

Recreating a livable space

Insulation in office

Stairs, office and new laundry room wall
Laundry room “cut” in half by adding a wall, so we could add to the office space

Drywall up
Drywall up!

Reid under the duct
Reid now fits under the duct work!

Weird angles
The ducts and stairway create interesting angles

Office with floor
Floor’s in!

Panorama view

More to come…

6 thoughts on “Basement pictures and tonsils”

  1. I really like the renovation, however the “Science: It works bitches” Varisty T-shirt is deserving of a discussion. 🙂 I happen to believe that philosophy trumps most sciences and all religions, by the way, well maybe the weaker sciences, like economics or some such anyway.

  2. I like the panorama view.. it looks so peaceful and neat now. Is it just me, or the lime-green wall paint looks really nice? The area (the structure of the entire basement) looks very much like ours.. but now I’m having a second thought on finishing our basement.. the dust, the clutters, and all the troubles that came with it. The “before” pics are like flashback of when we had our kitchen renovated in our old house.
    There are no-dust alternatives I saw in the ads, but I’m sure it will cost a fortune.

    Well, I’m glad your project is now coming together. You just need to get a little more careful.. take it easy.. I still want to see the “whole” of you coming back to Bell. We miss you.. I miss you..

  3. Hey Marlene!!

    I don’t know why it looks lime-green, an effect of the flash or camera, perhaps. It’s really all gray and white. As for taking it easy – I’m so anxious to get it done!! We had a little hiccup with the electrical which is now fixed. And I can concentrate on painting. But you know how it is – painting really means a week of prep work. I’m currently filling all the little nail holes in the baseboards with filler, and filling in some extra cracks here and there. I have a little work to do on the stairs (they’re so old and banged up – I need to fix them as best I can — wood filler is my friend there). Then, it’ll take a while for me to protect the floor. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to that, so I think it’ll take a few days at least. I hope to start painting some time next week. I’ll be so happy when I can start that stage! And after that, comes the new Ikea furniture and the long time it’ll take to put it together. I’ll try to do most of it myself, and leave Reid alone so he can work.

    I’d love to get back to Bell and all of you. Miss you all!

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