Part 2 of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Western Caribbean Review…

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

As mentioned in part 1, some of these posts may be too detailed for most to be interested in. I’m writing it for personal reasons, and also attempting to make it a review with details others might find helpful if they’re taking the same cruise.

Sunday – Boarding the ship
After our horrible flight ordeal, it was huge relief to be at the port and know that we would make it onto the ship. I think, were I ever to do a cruise again, I would insist on flying out the day before. Just to give us that extra bit of time in case problems arise with the flight.

I don’t know why I find the Norwegian Sun to be so pretty. I remember looking at the ships when booking, and thought the loud paint job a little gaudy. Perhaps, after a week on board, it started to feel like home and I came to really like the ‘sun’ painted on her. Supposedly, the paint job was only a few weeks old.
Our cabins are in the middle of the red swirl Looking at the ship, I could guess where our rooms were, and I was pretty darn close. We had booked 2 rooms next to each other. Norwegian states that children under 18 couldn’t be on their own, so we booked our rooms so that Reid and Michael were in one cabin, and Ronnie and I were in the other. We had no intention of actually keeping those cabin assignments. Reid and I stayed in one cabin, and Ronnie and Michael in the other. It did make things a little difficult though, because we had to constantly swap Ronnie and Reid’s cabin access cards to get into the right rooms. These access cards are very important: you use them as charge cards (no cash is used), and you need them to get on/off the ship.

We had to leave our luggage with Norwegian staff. They were to deliver it to our rooms. (Which, by the way took HOURS.) I should have packed spare clothes into a carry on for all of us.
Our cabin
We spent time exploring the ship, had dinner at the buffet restaurant after our luggage was delivered, and spent yet more time exploring. Ronnie’s excitement rubbed off on Reid and I. Michael spent most of his time in the cabin. Can’t expect more than that from a teenager, I found.

The ship had started to cruise down the Mississippi on time at 5:30. Very smooth sailing. I had not realized how far up the Mississippi we were. By the time we bedded down, we were still on the river.

Elevators near reception

Monday – Day at Sea

I awoke about 5am, feeling the ship swaying quite a bit. I looked out our window: ocean as far as I could see. Neat. The swaying was a little disconcerting, and I felt a little drunk as I tried walking around in a straight line. Funnily enough, Reid woke up early, too. (And he did so every morning!! Very strange for him.)

We spent Monday exploring the ship. (Michael spent Monday exploring his cabin.) I found it far too windy for my tastes on the deck, but Reid and Ronnie had no problem and used the two pools and hot tubs in the afternoon. They had lots of fun. The water slashed back and forth with the ship, turning the pools into wave pools.

Ronnie at the bow

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