TV Stand

When we bought our LCD TV last Christmas, we temporarily placed it on an old piece of Ikea shelving we had, thinking we’d buy a nice stand for it. But that turned out to be impossible. We wanted the stand to fit most of our media equipment, including the stereo speakers. All were either too big, too small, but primarily: they weren’t deep enough. We wanted to ensure there was room for the laser disk player (we still have lots of movies on laser disk!), and it’s simply deeper than any mass produced tv stand can accommodate.

So: we decided to ask someone to build it for us. We spent a lot of time on the dimensions, which presented another problem. The unit ended up being a little too tall, no matter how much we changed things around. We gave all the dimensions and requirements to a local cabinet builder last spring, told him we weren’t in a big hurry, but then never heard from him again! (I knew it wouldn’t be his favourite project. He wanted to build us something beautiful, but every idea he had would add too many inches to the height – so we could only manage a fairly simple box with shelves.)

Stand Dimensions
Stand with media

By end of summer, I decided I would build it myself. How hard can it be? It’s just a stupid box with adjustable shelves. So I joined a wood working course offered at a high school, and dove into it. I made a test box first, getting as much help from the instructor as I could. That didn’t work out so well – none of the joints lined up correctly! The instructor, unfortunately, was less then ideal.

After getting lots and lots of advice from my brother, and telling him about the instructor, he decided to start attending the course with me. Whew!! Lucky me!! My brother has created the most incredible, beautiful cabinets. I had an expert helping me! He even helped me build the feet: by getting me to glue together leftover rectangular pieces of wood, and then putting it on the lathe to make it round. (He worked on the lathe himself – it was too much for me!)When it came out of the lathe, it came out as a long cylinder. Which we then cut up into feet.

TV STand Feet

Timing was perfect. I had interviews for my new job just as I was putting urethane on the stand! Personally, I think it’s a little ugly – but so what! I made it myself! (With Tony’s help, of course.)

The shelves are adjustable, but everything only just fits! Reid showed me a DVD player he’d love to get – I had to remind him it wouldn’t fit. It was more than 3 inches high. When I say it was built for our current equipment, it really was!

New TV Stand