Working again

My time off has come to an end as I start working again this week. I’ve been hired on contract, working at Bell. It’ll be nice to be working again (although, of course, being off was nice while it lasted.) I suppose I officially started on Tuesday this week, but I’ve had to wait for a few things to fall into place before I can be at work on site. I’m very excited about it — sounds like a fun project!

At present, Reid and I are both sole proprietors. A while back, we investigated incorporating, but decided the negatives outweighed the positives. However, I am required to incorporate to have this job, so we’ll look at that whole thing again. We’ve been getting better tax advice this time, and I think it really does make sense for us to incorporate together. We’ve been trying to decide on a name. It just seems too obvious: we’ll probably call it “T’nir Consulting”, likely dropping the apostrophe. I know it’s an odd name to most, but we’ve had for so long, email address at tnir, etc. And Reid mentioned that tnir is officially on the old uucp network maps – so why not?!

If anyone out there has advice for incorporating, feel free to share it with us!

I think someone/something was waiting for my last project to be finished before I got this job. I was just finishing building a cabinet to hold our HD TV when I got the job. Building a TV stand sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Ya, well. It’s really just a box since I really don’t have woodworking experience to speak of. More on that another day.

Try again, retard

Michael has had to write a program for his computer class. Basically, it had to throw up a menu and ask the user how many items they would like to order. It would then calculate the amount owing, allow the user to enter the amount of money, and calculate the change (or amount still owing). Nice, simple program to introduce the students to *ahem* Turing. (Well, better than nothing, I suppose.)

He asked me to try out his program. The first input asked how many brownies I wanted. I entered 1.

For the next menu item, I entered 0.

Of course you can guess what I started doing for the rest of them. I gave him a look out of the corner of my eye. For the next I entered -1. He grumbled a bit. It took it.
For the next I entered 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999. It took that, too.
For the last, I entered “xiefjeis”. It crashed. That’s when his grumbling turned into very audible complaints…

Me: “You have to check for stuff like that”

Michael: “Why would anyone ever declare an integer, then???”

Me: “Input it as a string and make sure it’s a number. Then you can convert it to an integer.”

Michael: “You’d have to be a RETARD to enter something like that!!!!!”

Oh my god. How precious. I wish I had a recording. He doesn’t know anything about real users.

Reid came over to try Michael’s program. Michael had already changed it. When Reid tried to enter “-1”, the program output “Try again, retard.”

When it asked for the amount of money you were going to pay, Reid entered $4. Hah. Program crashed. I think Michael’s pissed at us now.