Projects done

Finished my projects (a few weeks ago, actually). Didn’t post because we didn’t have pictures! I finished the mirror and hung it. My brother looked at it and said something about stripping the paint to see the wood, which made my day, because it’s all paint. I just tried to make it look like wood. Yay, I can do a faux wood effect! Isn’t it nice?

Window mirror

Painting the siding was hell, but well worth it. To clarify: I only did the back side of the house. The other 3 sides are in better shape. All 4 sides of the house would have been too much for me. I rented a power washer to get most of the flaking paint off, hoping I wouldn’t have to sand afterwards. But I had to sand afterwards anyway. I did all that when Reid was away.


Siding before

Siding after

Thank goodness I waited for Reid to come home before I painted. I had to rent scaffolding, and I needed his and Michael’s strength to put it up and take it down for me. I only used the scaffolding to paint near the pool area. I used the deck roof and a ladder to paint the rest. We got into a routine: I’d start with the scaffolding 10 feet high in the morning so I could paint the upper section. Then I’d get them to take it apart so it was 5 feet high at lunch time, and I would paint the lower section. Then I’d ask them to make it 10 feet high again so it was ready for the next morning. It took 3 days: one coat of primer, and 2 of paint.

Look out below!

Thank goodness that’s done. I’ve been agonizing over it for a few years now.

Gee, with my projects done and the kids back in school, I guess I have to get a job now. (No, wait!! Surely I can find other projects… let’s see. I know! I’ll refinish the basement…)

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  1. If you’re looking for something to fill your time, we have some shingling to be done, and some floor sanding, and some painting. We don’t pay well, but at least we have lousy working conditions.
    The fake wood is excellent, btw.

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