Watergun Party 2006

Better late than never, here are the highlights of our watergun party this year (took place a few weekends ago).

The Friday evening before the party, it just POURED. Have to admit, I got a little grumpy. Earlier weather reports promised a sunny day. So, that morning, I put a large plastic tarp over the part of our deck that wasn’t covered, and figured we would move the party indoors. (John called to check if the party was still on, and I mentioned we would move it indoors. “Now THAT will be interesting,” he said. Can you imagine an indoor watergun party?? I can, but not in my house!)


Still, it all turned out very well. The rain stopped by mid afternoon. We had a few less people than most years, but it was lots of fun. And when Craig showed up with two little waterguns, I decided it was time to go for the whole thing. I cleared the bay window in my master bath, took out the balloons, and waited patiently for Craig to move into position. (I missed.)

Pool fun
Being wet

This year, my niece and nephew (Lisa and Eric) came for a while as well. Lots of fun – Eric helped Michael man the water balloon bay window. Reid and Peter were determined to get them (backfired when I asked Reid a question about the camera, and Eric chose that moment to lob one at him. It exploded right on his shoulder and he got properly soaked.) Eric and Michael took the water balloon throwing to new heights: they climbed the antenna tower to the shed roof and lobbed water balloons in the pool area.

Lisa & Eric
Lobbing balloons
Look out below!

Other highlights:

– Despite my own two boys being the cutest babies ever, I have to say Simon comes awfully close to being cuter 😉 What an extremely well-behaved baby. Peter and Leslie know how lucky they are.

– The Shao boys are such good sports. I could hear Derek laughing away as he was being soaked by various people. Michael looked impressive with his water gun arsenal.

– Lisa was being too demure, so Reid dumped her in the pool. Then Reid went after Michael. Despite getting help from Micki, Michael was able to get away! Lastly, Reid went after Eric, who was just simply too fast for him.

– Great seeing all the kids again! Lots of boys this time, in fact I believe there weren’t any little girls there at all this year.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some fun stuff… if you can help me with more fun stuff, leave a comment! More pictures can be found here (perhaps Reid’s put them up on flickr)

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  1. Re: no girls

    Yes, we told Charlotte that she had more fun at summer camp than she would have at the party, because she would have been the only young girl there 🙂

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