Boy, it sure is hot today! A few posts ago, I actually said… “This June’s been far too cold for my taste. Bring on the hot summer days! ” Hmf. Well, maybe I can take that back. 36 degrees, without the humidex, is too hot, even for me. This morning, I put the finishing touches on the steps I was (re)building from the deck to the pool – the sun just bakes that side of the house – and I actually had a few drops of sweat run off my nose. Since I rarely sweat, that’s a lot for me. Even my hair got a little wet at the temples.

Now since I’m usually feeling very cold, I revel in summer. It’s true it’s been too hot these last few summers, but I much prefer that to a cold winter day. Sometimes, it feels as though I can’t really get warm enough – which is why I like to lie out in the sun. It’s not because I want a tan (in fact I usually wear the highest sun block I can find), but a short time lying on the beach is absolutely heavenly for me. It feels as though the warmth can finally reach down to my bones, which are always cold. (Anyone who makes comparisons between me and lizards baking on a hot rock – in my hearing – will be promptly shot.)

When I got back into the house (I was working on the steps between 11 and noon) Reid tried to tell me that’s how he usually feels on regular warm days. “See, that’s what it’s like for most people when it’s humid. Now you know what others feel like.” Ya, I admit, that’s rough.

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