Last days at Rogers

After 2 years working for Rogers in Toronto, my last day will be June 30. It’ll be sad for me, as I found it a great place to work, but I’ve turned it into something positive by deciding to take the summer off.

We found out some time ago that the company is moving into the old Nortel office space in Brampton. And I live much too far away to consider commuting or driving each day. I wasn’t an employee (I worked on contract), so it’s likely I wouldn’t have been there an extremely long time anyway.

I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed working there. I was doing exactly what I like doing in IT, and there were some wonderful people there that I’m really going to miss.

Enough about that… I have the summer off! Yay! Now all I need is for the weather to co-operate. This June’s been far too cold for my taste. Bring on the hot summer days!

5 thoughts on “Last days at Rogers”

  1. I think you’ve asked me before. I sit at my desk and cause trouble for people. As a result, some people hate me. 😀

    Actually, I like being a Systems Analyst. It’s my favourite thing. Sometimes, I’m called a Business Analyst, which is close, but not quite what I’m best at (because a business analyst must deal with business people all the time, and I’m too vocal and opinionated for some of them.) Ask me privately, and I’ll give you some examples.

    So, in a nutshell: they ask me to help design a system. I tend to dig through things and end up, often, with a very detailed picture of what’s needed. I have a good memory for finicky details, so that’s why I’m good at it. Then I usually explain to developers what’s needed and we come up with the system design (or sometimes I’ll do it myself, to fit into an existing system). Most developers hate writing up documentation, but I don’t, so I usually write tons of documentation that hardly anyone reads (but managers insist on having it anyway) – writing it helps me to clarify exactly what’s needed and how everything will work together.

  2. .. and now you know what it’s like to plan for our Wasaga vacation. Of course, Michael, Ronnie and I would all be “developers” in this scenario.

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