Scared to death by Reid

How to be scared sh*tless by your husband, while he’s in California:

Saturday evening, I checked to see if Reid was online (using his Mac in the basement, as I usually do). We normally chat using Aim, and it said he was available. However, he didn’t seem to be there so I went back upstairs.

After 5 or 10 minutes, I thought I heard a man’s voice. I thought it was my imagination: only Ronnie and I are home, and the door’s locked. But then, I hear the man’s voice again… what the heck is going on??? Is someone in the house??? My heart thumped for a few minutes until I realized it sounded like Reid’s voice…

Then I realize what he’s done. He noticed I had tried to reach him, so he started a video chat session, signed on to the Mac remotely and accepted, then turned the volume way up and started yelling out to me. Sheesh. What a way to freak out your wife. Told Michael about it today. He seemed pretty amused by it.

3 thoughts on “Scared to death by Reid”

  1. Heh, just to be clear, I used VNC to remotely control the computer and set up a video chat, which usually needs someone at the other end to accept the chat. And, just to I could be heard, I turned up the volume using the sound-control-in-the-menubar thingee.

    Hey, it worked! I just kinda wish you could set up iChat (which uses the AIM protocol, but is much better than AIM btw) so that it would auto-answer video/audio chats from specific contacts. Ah well.

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