Off to Italy

I’m off to Italy for a 2 week trip with my mother. We leave on Aug. 20th.

My mother hasn’t been back since the 1960’s, and since my father doesn’t want to go, she asked me to accompany her. We’ll stay in her home town, Macchiagodena. (She’s actually from Incoronata, a small village next to it — a suburb if you will — except it’s nothing at all like a suburb).

Reid and I had the pleasure of visiting Italy a few years back. We spent most of our time in Rome, with a short side trip to Macchiagodena and Incoronata. My cousin showed us the sights — mostly consisting of the ancient (in Canadian standards) Perrella homestead, my mother’s old house, and visits to many cousins still living there. Although many of site names were familiar, I couldn’t really place them among the many stories my parents told me over the years. This is a great opportunity for my mother to connect things for me.

Click here for the ‘official’ website for the town.

Here’s a lit-up shot of the castle in Macchiagodena… (the site seems to be devoted to the moutains the town is situated in)

5 thoughts on “Off to Italy”

  1. Okay, now I want to know how Incoronata got its name
    considering what it looks like. Did somebody get
    crowned there back in the olden days?


  2. Absolutely no idea!! I’ll ask around, but somehow doubt anyone will know. I’m sure we can come up with our own version of history!

  3. I *know* she’s back, ya Doctor Suess character famous for being late with old news!


    But thanks.

    And I like the Incoronata item!

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