My first dip…

Had my first dip in the pool tonight. It wasn’t on purpose . I was admiring our lilac bush near the pool, and how nice it looked next to the bench. Thinking of Debbie and how much she likes lilac bushes. Sniffed the pretty flowers… yup, lilacs still stink to me. Took a step backwards, and ended up in the pool. The water was surprisingly warm. Michael and Reid had a good laugh when I came to the back door begging for a towel. Glad I could provide tonight’s amusement.

6 thoughts on “My first dip…”

  1. Hee hee. 🙂 Did anyone get a picture?

    So you really don’t like the smell of lilacs? I brought a lilac blossom home with me from the new house, smelled it all the way home in the car, mmmm…

  2. When Luisa came to the back door and plaintively called for help, I opened the door and wondered what she needed. Last I heard, Luisa had gone out shopping, so I was expecting to be called to the front door to help carry something into the house. But this was from.. the back door?

    Luisa looked a bit wet at first (the lighting was bad) and I thought she had run afowl of the hose while watering the plants or something. It took me a minute, during which I said “Well.. what is it?” Luisa just looked at me, with a humiliated smile, waiting for me to laugh. And I did. Hard.

    I’ve often asked Luisa to try out for a wet T-shirt contest, and i was happy to see her throw herself into it so well. 🙂 That sweater looked *great*!

    Hee heee.

  3. For some reason, a strong smell of lilacs makes me sick to my stomach. It’s too bad, they’re so pretty! >

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