Michael’s science teacher

Her name is Ms. Snape.

Yup. It really is. And they started off with chemistry, so I kept asking how the potions were going. And here’s the best part… she’s not particularly nice. Or, at least, not to Michael. He (and his friend) assure me that she thinks Michael is not very smart. They tell me she seemed surprised/shocked during a game of science-Jeopardy, when he got most answers right. Supposedly, his team creamed the other teams.

2 thoughts on “Michael’s science teacher”

  1. I ran into a lot of philosophically-challenged teachers when I was a kid. Fortunately, it was the exception rather than the rule. However even recently, it shocks me how these things work. I could afford to pay a tutor by the hour to teach me Spanish, for example, yet you couldn’t get a course-teaching teacher to do anything buy criticise you if you took the kids to Buffalo on the weekend and didn’t have time to study (much), but still pass the course. As if that mattered. I was looking for anyone, anything that would give me one-on-one Spanish at that time… Couldn’t be done.

    I couldn’t even get meta-study information, like is it better to have one-on-one converstations, study word lists, read books in Spanish, take an immersion course of some kind…? nothing. Everything comes down to sex, I tell you… If there’s a remote chance of a relationship, it appears to be easy to find a study partner. An old guy like me with 2 kids … I’m lucky to get the time of day from anyone. So therefore, it’s got to be “read a book written in Spanish”, I guess.

    In fact, I believe my vocabulary in highschool was highly influenced by the articles in Scientific American and had zip to do with the English courses in highschool.

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