Michael’s birthday

I should have mentioned it last Tuesday, but I was busy being sick. (Reid actually succeeded in giving me his cough/cold. I’m usually immune.)

Michael turned 15 (!!) last Tuesday. Yup. Just one more year before he can drive. Funny, when I look at him I still see the toddler. But he’s taller than me, his feet are bigger than mine, he’s got very broad shoulders and he can shovel the driveway in no time flat.

I’m not looking forward to the day when I’m the shortest in the family. I’m going to be teased relentlessly.

2 thoughts on “Michael’s birthday”

  1. Luisa,

    My name is Guy Zimmerman. I worked with Reid at Alias Research about 100 years ago. I’ve never really ended my love affair with Sketch and I need his advice. Please have him contact me.¿

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