Bedroom Reno – done!

Well, yes, it has taken a while to post “after” pictures of our bedroom reno. About a week ago, I finally removed all the tools I had hanging around the bedroom, hall and my office. It now feels like it’s officially finished. Two weekends ago I finished touching up the hall, where they took a half-wall down. (Long ago, it was Craig’s suggestion to open up the hall. After he put the thought in my head, I realized it would be a good idea. And it certainly was. Thanks Craig!!)

The basic idea was to remove our closet walls to expand the bedroom into the next room. Close off the original bedroom entrance, and end up with an ensuite bathroom. (But instead of 1 supporting wall, the closet actually held 2 supporting walls!) This before and after shows what we were after:

Closet before

You can see the closet walls we removed, and we closed off the doorway you see me leaning against. So now it looks like this…

Closet after

Here’s what that “weird half room” looks like now (see below, a couple of posts ago, for the “before” shot):

Weird half room - no longer weird
That’s MY closet space. All mine. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.

And a few more pictures…

Looking towards the bed

Other corner
Off in the corner is Reid’s closet. Well most of it. He doesn’t need all that space anyway.

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