Continuing saga of pool problems

Me under our deck
Woman size 8 shoes

In step two of “How Luisa can f*ck up the pool”, I accidentally cut through the electrical supply to the pool shed, which of course, means I turned off power to the pump. I was trying to finish up my work in laying interlocking bricks near the pool shed, and saw what I thought was a cedar root in my way. As I started to cut through it, the pump turned off, and I realized my horrible mistake. The wire was white, but encrusted in mud.

As Ronnie and his friend Andy were in the pool at the time, I didn’t let out my usual steady stream of swearing. Only a few weeks before, while working on the bricks in the same area, I accidentally put my square shovel through the water pipe feeding the pump.

So, as usual I went screaming for Reid, and then called my brother in a panic. He patiently explained that no, I could not simply tape it back together considering the wire was running along the ground and water would seep in. I’d have to replace it. Horror upon horrors for me: the wire was buried, and I had no idea how to get to it. Reid wanted to get an electrician, but Tony told me it was easy, so off I went and bought wire (and 3/4 inch pvc pipe so I wouldn’t make the same mistake again years from now!!)

I’m not very good with electrical principles, and although Reid claims he’s not, he certainly helped — since the wire we were replacing had a red, black and white wire, and the one I bought only had a black and white. Anyway, since the red wire had been grounded in the garage, we felt we could do without it. And in the end, Tony came by to make sure we hadn’t screwed things up. (We hadn’t!!)

The worst of it was laying down the blasted wire from garage to the other side of the deck. I considered trying to drill new holes, but in the end, decided it was best to crawl under the deck. I now know exactly where my body is widest while lying on my back.

I went under on my back, and thank goodness I rolled out plastic ahead of me. It made it simple to slide out. As I went under, my progress was halted at my pelvic bone. Reid was rather alarmed, but he was just being silly. I knew I only needed a milimetre or two to keep going, and it looked like the other boards weren’t quite so low. When I felt him walking along the deck, I could feel it pressing down on my pelvic bone, so we realized we had some play, and he used a shovel to lever the deck up a tiny bit so I could slide in. The rest was a piece of cake. We were able to feed the new wire through by using the old wire as a guide. Once we got the wiring laid down, Reid had to lever the deck up again to let me out. No racoons came to scratch my eyes out. All in all a cool experience. (I admit that for years, I was curious about going under there.)

I hesitate to put this picture up, but what the heck. It gives me joy to give people something to laugh at…

Frog legs

“… can’t … quite… fit … dammit”

3 thoughts on “Continuing saga of pool problems”

  1. Oh, dear! I’m not sure I could have coped with the deck or with the electrical stuff – I’m impressed that you did.

    And, yes, both the pictures are well worth it for a chuckle – knowing that you came out of it in good humor and with everything working again, at least. 🙂

  2. White & Black but no ground? That seems unlikely — they don’t sell outdoor cables like that, I don’t think. Tell me you have a ground wire going from your shed to your garage, right? The point of the ground wire is that if and when a live wire frays and touches something like a shed (or more likely the metal case of the pump), it will throw the circuit breaker instead of providing a deadly 120V potential on things like the metal shed. Inside the house that sort of thing also prevents various other disasters. That is why it is written into the law. For example, switch boxes on a wall: if the live wire comes loose or frays and touches the case, the next person to touch the switch (or more likely the screws on the case) is toast, whereas if the ground is connected, the breaker throws instead (when the wire comes loose and touches the case or whatever).
    Anyway, I’m sure you wired it correctly. Its just surprising how many people think the ground wire does nothing.

  3. Oh yes, there was a ground. Didn’t bother mentioning it, since all wiring comes with it. And yes, it’s all properly connected to the ground connector in the box.

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