New Job – Rogers

I started a new job this week — at Rogers! I’m working part time for a few weeks, and full time after that. So far, things seem amazingly cool. It’s a fast-paced environment, and the people seem great. I have a few friends working there already (that I met while working at CBC), and since they seem quite happy, I think I will be too!

I’m taking the subway to get there. I drove to CTV, but prior to that, I took the GO train for years. I had always missed the subway, and find I’m extremely pleased to be taking it again. I’m happy that I don’t have to stick to schedules, and I’m even more happy about the people. I like seeing people from all walks of life… different ages, from seemingly well-off to not so well-off. I like the fact that it’s dirtier (in the tunnels/stations). And quite honestly, the people are usually nicer. You’ll see more people on the subway get out of your way when you’re trying to get out the door than you will on the GO train. I hated getting off at Guildwood GO stop, and having tons of people up against the doors, well before their stop… they don’t move out of the way!!

Don’t know how to describe the subway vs. GO train experience… I call the subway more human, or more base. I had the same feeling in Argentina, too. I really enjoyed watching the people as we drove through the city, or as I walked among them. I suppose I get that in some areas of Toronto, too.