Krispy Kreme Donut Skin

Next in the saga of Michael’s broken leg: 8 weeks after breaking his leg, Michael was placed into a ‘removable’ cast last Friday. This is great! The cast only goes from knee to ankle. This time, he chose black for the colour, rather than his usual glow-in-the-dark.

He’ll have to start physio soon (going today, in fact!). I’m very hopeful that he’ll be walking again in a few weeks. His ankle is quite swollen, and his shin is rather skinny, but I’m hoping the improvements will come quickly.

When they removed the cast, the bottom of his foot looked horrible. I let Ronnie come with us, since he was intensely curious about the whole cast removal process. Once Michael’s foot emerged, we noticed the skin had turned yellow and was flaking off. Michael and Ronnie thought it was way cool. But it was when Michael started comparing it to the icing on Krispy Kreme donuts that I became completely grossed out. It’s times like these when I wish I had girls, and of course, I told them so. (I should know better, telling them that just encourages them to get grosser.)

The doctor asked him to put weight on his leg, and when Michael winced, she said “Now you know not to put weight on it until you’ve had physio”. When I asked Michael why he winced, he said it wasn’t because of pain, his foot felt “crunchy”. Ewww.

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