Debbie’s cartoons

I just love Debbie’s cartoons. You can see her semi-autobiographical comic strip here.

Here’s my favourite, though, because it features ME! She drew this back in 1982. (I had permed hair back then, *ack!*). I was at home from university for summer vacation, she and friend Sue, were sharing a cockroach-infested apartment in downtown Toronto. We would write: she sometimes sending me 2 letters in the time it took me to send her 1. (Luckily, I never received squashed cockroaches stuck to the letters).

Debbie's cartoon of Luisa writing a letter

2 thoughts on “Debbie’s cartoons”

  1. Okay, I don’t know which is funnier…Luisa’s hair in the cartoon, or Luisa’s hair in this photo about halfway down the page.

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