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After getting a few requests, I’m finally getting around to putting up some pictures. My brother brought his digital camera along. I’m also waiting for Reid to finish scanning the pictures I took.

My cousins, Maria (on the left) and Stella (on the right). We were at Maria’s son, Gustavo’s, wedding.

It’s a shame we don’t have a good shot of Gustavo and his bride, Lorena. But here’s a shot of tony and my mother at the wedding. They give out hats and other goodies at weddings there, and have a mini-carnival. This was quite late, probably about 4am…

Stella’s son, Claudio, with his wife Daniella, and sons Ulise and Fabrizio. Claudio is an incredible artist. I was completely taken with his paintings in his lovely home. Although he’s got a day job, I think he should try selling them. Wow. An artist in the family. Can’t imagine it’s from my side.

My mother and her sister. My mother is wearing one of the left over carnival hats from the wedding. They’re on my aunt’s roof. (Most of the roofs in the area were flat).

Dinner on Monday night. Left to right, that’s uncle Alessandro, me, Stella, Lucas (age 5), Marisa (Stella’s daughter), Donato’s mother, Donato (Stella’s husband), aunt Luisa, my mother, and Donato’s father. Got that?? Didn’t think so.

This is a picture Tony took from the roof. I’m actually across the street (between two trees), with Stella and my mother, talking to a few neighbours.

We’re in front of Maria’s home, right next to her store. Left to right, that’s aunt Luisa, Maria, Tony, Ma, Felice (Maria’s husband), Felice’s mother, uncle Alessandro, Donato, and Valeria (Maria’s daughter) in front.

That’s most of my family in Argentina (still missing a few, as well as a bunch of second cousins). Incredible experience meeting all of them. A fine group of people.

Debbie has made me feel guilty for not writing down more of the stories I heard while I was there. I’ll have to get to that, too!

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  2. My girl scout troop is doing a presentation on Argentina. Can you send us ANYTHING related to this country to put on our table: flag, souvenir, pictures, postcards, clothing, shoes, magazine, old newspaper? Anything would be appreciated.

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    Thank you!

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