Message from Luisa in Argentina

Luisa sent me [Reid] some email from an internet cafe in Argentina and said I could post it. So .. here it is!


Date: Thu Sep 25, 2003 19:46:33 Canada/Eastern
Subject: hey – tnir’s down!

hi there

well, don´t know whether val called you the other night to say we got here ok, but you can tell from this email that we did! plane trip went fine. and my cousin’s son-in-law has an internet cafe. how cool is that. but tnir is down so i can’t sign on. (this bloody keyboard is driving me crazy – all the special characters are in different spots)

weather is cool, you{d like it (not gonna fix the characters any more) but i{m a little cold. my family was very surprised to see tony and i as they were expecting my dad. most of the family came by last night for dinner. and it was fantastic to see them. my aunt and cousin stella were so happy to meet us, we got tons of hugs! the city is way cool — very base feeling, if i could explain it. everything is kind of like the danforth. wish you could see it.

miss you though. wish you were here. (tony{s reading over my shoulder and complains that it is not at all too cool, that he{s quite comfortable. but i find it comfortable outside, and strangely enuf i{m very cold inside the house. i think because it{s all made of ceramic)

please tell the boys i miss them much, and give them each a big hug and kiss. i don{t think i can can get to a computer too often. anyway, haven{t really told you much, but there{s no time. altho, honestly, we haven{t had much time to do much.

so — post this if you like — you can tell debbie i{ve bought here a post card, and for some reason, i keep thinking {presents, presents, david, presents}. hmmm. wonder why…

love you!!!

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