Covered in scratches

I seem to get myself into scrapes like this all the time…

There’s a portion of my cedar hedges which divide our property and the neighbour’s. They seem to get covered in some sort of ivy/weed and I’ve been waging war on them for the last couple of years. I love my cedar hedges, and one year I left them and they got swallowed with this weed. I thought it might kill the hedges, so now I try to get rid of them.

Occasionally, I’ll burrow through the cedar hedges and pull out the long skinny stems. I get a little more aggressive when I see it’s about to go to seed and I end up being scratched a bit by the hedge. Since our neighbour’s moved out of their house and it lies empty, I’ve been going over to the other side to try to get at the weeds. There’s one spot that’s particularly bad on my side, and on the neighbour’s side there’s a huge bush of raspberries that prevents me from getting at the weeds. I’ve been over there a couple of times during the summer, but the raspberries are covered in thorns and I can’t get through them.

Well, today I was at it again — I could see the thousands of seeds ready to drop and I couldn’t stand it. I tried to reach way out and grab at them, but I fell right over into the raspberries. Bleh. Well, now I’m covered in scratches. (What the heck, since I was already in there, I went right through and got those damn weeds.) Should have worn long pants and sleeves, but that would take forethought.

2 thoughts on “Covered in scratches”

  1. Okay, you know how good I am at forethought, so consider the following as pearls of wisdom from the mouth of the oracle.

    Jeezes, Luisa, don’t do that! I ouched as the picture was loading. Fine way to treat your friends.

    So, having said that, did you get all the nasty buggers right out? You didn’t actually say.

    And for the sake of science, do you know what kind of evil ivy-viny thing it was? Just curious…

  2. Well, it’s not as though I did it on purpose.

    And the pictures look worse than it felt. Reid actually posted it – it’s probably a bit much. Sorry.

    No idea what kind of plants they are. But you see them all over, especially in forests. One of them has bright red, juicy berries in late summer/fall. The other seems to grow long, pointy green pods for its seeds. I actually like the way they look, but I didn’t want them to choke my hedges. And every time I look, I find more of the ‘buggers’, so I doubt I got them all out. They’ll be back next year – although hopefully, each year, there will be less of them.

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