Well — off to Argentina on Tuesday!

I’m VERY excited. My mother, brother and I are going together and we’ll be staying with my mother’s sister. She and my uncle have been to Canada twice, so I’ve met them. But I’ve never met my cousins or their families. My cousins, Stella and Maria, are about 10-15 years older than I am, and have children in their twenties. Stella is a grandmother! Maria’s son is getting married on Saturday. I suppose we invited ourselves to the wedding.

In spring, my mother had received a call from my aunt, and she let her know about the wedding. My mother decided she really wanted to go, but my father wanted to stay home. So she asked me if I would want to go. Duh. Of course! We told my brother, and now it’s the three of us! It’ll be nice to have my brother there. The two of us can do some sightseeing — I suspect the only sightseeing my mother will want to do is of her family. I’m sure she’ll just want to spend time all her time with her sister and nieces.

My mother didn’t tell them about my brother and I going. She let them assume my dad was going. She wants to surprise them. I’m a little concerned about that, in case they’re tight for space and hadn’t planned for 3 people being there instead of 2. But my mother insists it’ll be fine.

There’s a stopover in Sao Paulo (Brasil) for 8 hours (ouch!). We tried to stay for a day or two to visit with my father’s cousins, but it would have cost us way too much. I think my mother called them though, and they’re coming out to the airport to try to spend some time with us. I think they won’t let us out of the restricted area of the airport. Hopefully, they’ll let them in. (Otherwise, we’ll just wave at each other through a window. If there is a window.)

Buenos Noches!

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