Today was my second day at work. I thought I’d get a little depressed because my time at home was over, but I’m not. I think it’s because I always thought of my sabbatical as being over in September.

I used to think CBC was a maze of corridors. But it’s absolutely nothing compared to CTV. A friend Wayne (we got to know eachother when I worked at CTV for a few months in 2000) let me tag along with him as we walked from my building over to his building. I think he took a perverse joy in my astonishment at the twisty little corridors. (I suspect that he took the hard way to get there, just to get a better reaction.) The buildings are connected by a bridge. We must have taken 10 turns and I remember going up and down stairs at least 4 times. When it came time for me to return to my building, I decided to go outside rather than risk getting lost for hours on end. In fact, on my first day, my boss suggested I bring a cell phone around with me in case I got hopelessly lost.

Perhaps next time, I’ll use my mutant spider woman powers to help get around. I guess I could leave a thin trail of webbing as I go so I can trace my way back.

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