Too many sad things…

OK. That’s enough. I’ve had enough bad news. I’m trying to deal with my own ups and downs due to medication, but I keep getting bad news…

First the whole US attack… well that’s not first, really. What was really first was my friend Jim’s illness. He’s been suffering with cancer for a while. He had a second surgery on a tumour in his brain yesterday. Can’t stop thinking about these two things. But found out today that our good friend Andrew’s dad died yesterday. He had been ill for a while, and it wasn’t unexpected, but it’s still very sad. This is really too much.

I’m still trying to hold on to the one wonderful thing that happened in the middle of all this… Jeff and Gail had a healthy baby girl. Have to keep thinking of that.

Sept. 11, 2001

What a horrible day. Received a call from Reid telling me about the Twin Towers in Manhattan… that two planes had flown into them. At first, I thought it was a horrible accident. Then I realized that 2 planes couldn’t be an accident. So of course, I turned on the TV, and couldn’t tear myself away. This happened to me with the Gulf War. I was home on maternity leave, and couldn’t stop watching. Watching events unfold, live, is so incredibly emotional.

Things went from bad to worse. The Pentagon on fire, confusing reports from other places. Then one of the towers collapsed. But when I watched the second tower collapse, it was too much. I know I yelled out and started crying…. it was just too emotional. I knew that if I turned off the TV, and heard about the events later, I wouldn’t be so emotional. But I couldn’t tear myself away… and anyway, people are dying, I should be emotional.

I let the kids watch CNN and Newsworld during their lunch. I especially wanted Michael to understand what was going on. He had lots of questions… why would people do that??? I tried to explain that it might be for religious reasons, and he was simply astounded. Ronnie seemed interested, but went off to play computer games instead (ah… the wonderful world of 6 year olds).

Funny, how much we Canadians make fun of our American neighbours, but when it comes to something like this, I know that most every Canadian feels nothing but horror. They’re so close to us – it’s as though we were hurt as well. Now I’m as bleeding heart liberal as they come – but even I want revenge, if it was terrorists. But you just never know. It might not even be terrorist attacks… there’s always Oklahoma to think of.

In my hurry to make the kids’ lunch, I managed to slice off a huge chunk of my thumb while slicing cucumbers. I’ve never had such a large cut, and just bandaged it up, hoping it would stop bleeding. But by this evening, it was still bleeding furiously whenever I checked on it, so I went to a clinic where I received a few stitches.

Finally, wonderful news at the end of the day, which I’ll try to hang on to for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Friends of ours, Jeff and Gail, had a baby girl today. Healthy, and everyone’s doing fine. I’m so glad for them. And I’m glad it’s not me!! I enjoy my sleep now that my boys are older. 😀

Whew! Dryer Installed!

Well, that’s a relief. Just finished installing the gas dryer. It works, too.

When I went to Home and Rural, looking for a new gas dryer, he said… “Aw. Install it yourself. Since you already had a gas dryer, it’s easy!”. And I thought, gee, you’re right. It’s just a pipe supplying gas.

But of course, there’s always a hickup. After the dryer arrived, I noticed I had two male ends, and needed a female (hey!! kinky!). So I went to Home Depot with part of the gas pipe, so I could be sure I had the right fit. The guy flipped a bit — I think it was because I was a girl, and girls obviously can’t hook up a dryer. But he especially hated the fact that part of the pipe used for the old dryer was galvanized, and that’s usually used for water, not gas. I said, “So, what? Will it explode or something?” He said, “Ya… I certainly wouldn’t use it”, and sold me another part to replace it. As I left he called… “You know how to test the line for leaks?!?!” “Ya, ya. Liquid soap.”

After I got home, I tried to get the galvanized piece of pipe off, but couldn’t. Even Reid tried – there’s no way it’s coming off. After numerous internet searches about whether or not to use galvanized pipe for gas, I found no warnings. In fact, I found that one US state must use black pipe or galvanized pipe for gas. That’s enough for me, it’s safe.

So I cleaned out and attached all the vent piping, attached the gas line, plugged it in and turned it on. Ok, so maybe I quickly left the room and hid behind the door until I heard the gas ignite and the dryer not explode. But it’s done. Absolutely unimpressive. I’m just glad I didn’t shell out yet more cash to pay someone to do something so simple. And I’m sure Reid didn’t mind all the swearing that went on as I fought with the pipes.

Dryers vs. RAM

Got a call from our friend, Andy, last night. He asked after Reid, who was still at work. When he asked what was happening in our lives, I replied that we had to buy yet another appliance (a clothes dryer). It’s the third appliance that had to be replaced during my year off (when funds are low!!).

Later in the evening, Reid returned Andy’s call. I’m guessing Andy asked What’s New? Reid went on and on about the price of RAM. “Did you know that half a GIG of RAM costs only $80 now!!??”

Yup — that’s my life. I’m stuck in — “How am I gonna dry the clothes”, while he’s obsessing on “Hey, prices are going down again, let’s upgrade!” Hm. I sound really boring, eh?

Ronnie has asked me… “How come YOU don’t play computer games, Mommy?” My reply… “Well, gee, if you guys would do some of the housework around here, I MIGHT HAVE TIME!!”

Hey… it’s Friday night… Quake night! By the time they start playing, I’m always too tired. Perhaps I can convince them to start playing at 7pm instead.