Spaghetti Squash Galore

Spent the last few days visiting my parents. Their garden, as usual, is incredible despite the drought we’ve been having. As a child, I used to be a little embarrassed by it. It seemed they devoted every spare inch of property to vegetable or fruit growing. Even the driveway, which is almost the width of the property, has been converted to their own personal grape vineyard: the whole thing is covered by trelliswork holding up the grapes. Now, I’m just amazed by it all.

The grapevines are particularly beautiful. It’s so nice sitting under them, in the shade, listening to the soft rustling of the leaves in the breeze. Sometimes, my dad would put up a ladder and I would poke my head up through the trelliswork to look at them from the top. It’s stunning. It looks like a green, leafy cloud. And you would not believe what it smells like in September and October. Just phenomenal.

Every time I visit, I inspect/admire the garden. I always pull the kids through: “Look: the bean plants are 12 feet high! Look at all the tomatoes! Look at the squash growing along the fence! Look: those are onions but those are garlic, don’t they look similar?! Smell all that basil!” But of course, it’s all lost on them. They just like to chase each other through the rows and drive my father crazy.

This week, I noticed they had planted some of the squash seeds I had given them. My parents haven’t had much experience with squash. A few years ago, they started growing one type, which is long and green and rather rudely shaped. They love them. I’ve been eating lots of squash this past year and decided to give them a variety of seeds so they could try some others: Spaghetti squash, turban squash, potato squash and lots of others. My dad proudly showed me all the squash. Hmm. Gee Dad: they’re ALL spaghetti squash! No… he happily pointed out 2 others. Great Dad, there’s got to be 50 spaghetti squash here, nice to see 2 others. What happened to all the other kinds? What are you going to do with 50 spaghetti squash? Why, he planned to give them all to me of course! WHAT am I going to do with FIFTY spaghetti squash? If I try hard, I could use 1 a month (I’m the only one in my family that eats squash). It was cute watching my parents argue over whose fault it was planting all that spaghetti squash.

Well, since they had never tried one, it was time to cook one up. We made pesto (lots of it! Yum!) which is made from basil leaves. It can be used instead of tomato sauce, e.g. on spaghetti. But we used it on the spaghetti squash and I think it was a hit (except for my kids… “Ewww… it’s green!”)

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  1. I’m so mniakg this. I’m trying to add more black beans (or beans of any type) to my diet, and I love spaghetti squash more than actual spaghetti. So I’m hitting “print” as soon as I finish this note. This might be good baked in individual serving dishes, too, although mine are currently being used as catfood bowls.

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