Just back from our annual cottage stay at Allenwood beach, near Wasaga. This year, we booked the cottage for 2 weeks. We’ve been going for 9 years now. It’s gotten to feel just like home.

Last year, we had such lovely weather and such a good time, that we decided to book for 2 weeks. We planned to invite many guests for the first week, and reserve the second week for our family. For many years, my brother’s family stayed with us. This year, he came up only for the weekend, but left the kids with us for the second week. As an added bonus, good friends Joanne, Gord and their son Nick booked the neighbouring cottage for the first week. So there was no end of fun this year! My kids had a blast!

Highlights for me:

Bronwyn yelling at a child who tore apart her lovely sand crab — Bronwyn is so soft spoken, her yelling sounded like mild scolding to me, but she felt so bad afterwards!

Making movies using the digital camera with Jim and Laurie’s kids.

A long walk on the beach with Debbie.

Jeff’s toy airplanes.

Playing balderdash with Roy, Gordon Iain, Joanne, Gord and Nick. Listening to Gord’s guffaws at Ronnie’s word definitions, which usually involved bodily functions. Unfortunately, we could always tell which ones Ronnie wrote, so he didn’t get many votes. He did enjoy making us laugh, though. Examples:
Zygal: Diarrhea
Asafetida: Eyeball and blood sandwich
Clamjamfry: A giant’s fart
Also really enjoyed watching Roy lose it (tears down the face and all) after Michael’s definition for Gallimaufry (pronounced gal-im-off-free): “The gazelle mating ritual”. Especially after someone said “Get-‘im-off-me!”.

Watching the movie “Dude, where’s my car?” with Lisa and Eric. Definitely a movie only kids would enjoy, but memorable for me for 2 reasons. First, one of the 2 main characters looked so much like a young Reid (starring one of the guys from “That 70’s show”). I pointed out each feature that they had in common, which Reid enjoyed SO much. Second, there is a fantastic sequence where the Reid look-alike goes through a Chinese fast-food drive through. It involves a heavily-accented Chinese woman’s voice coming through the speaker, saying “And then?” after each item ordered, but refusing to stop saying “And then?” even after the order is complete. It goes on for quite a while, until he rips apart the speaker. It’s very funny and Michael and Ronnie are very good at imitating the voice now.

Incredible, amazing, fantastic sunsets.>

Leaving my kids alone in the cottage one night, with Lisa and Eric in charge, so that Reid and I could lie on a blanket on the beach and look at the stars. It’s so rare that I get to see a night sky that’s not awash in city lights!

Best day at the beach: Rita and Barbara happened to be visiting. Very warm day, bright and sunny, lots of wind, water was bathtub warm and huge waves!! Lots of body surfing. Great fun (except that Lisa, who like me rarely burns, got burned that day).

All in all, a wonderful vacation. Reid took lots of pictures. You can see them here.

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