Robins gone!

Last month I wrote about watching some robins leave their nest, which had been built just under the roof of our deck. About a week later, a new set of robins set up in the nest and we’ve been watching them closely ever since. It’s amazing how quickly the chicks grow!

Tonight, we had dinner out on the deck and spent quite a lot of time watching mom and dad robin fly in with bugs to feed the 3 chicks. They had gotten so huge! They made lovely, soft chirping sounds when one of the parents arrived. One of the chicks was moving about quite a bit, stretching out its wings. It must have been standing on the others, there seemed like there was so little room left in the nest. We thought they’d be ready for their first flight very soon, possibly even tomorrow.

Well, all ended in disaster tonight. I heard quite a commotion from the birds at about 10pm. I ran outside, fearing the worst. Sure enough, there was our hated raccoon up at the nest. I picked up a deck chair and ran at it. It scrambled on top of the roof deck. I heard rustling in the nearby hedge. Thinking some of the chicks had fallen from the nest, I ran in for the flashlight. Sadly, I found one dead chick. No other chicks were left in the nest. Reid and I looked all over but couldn’t find the others. We really hope they were able to get away – since they were so close to being able to fly anyway.

I was really pissed. I realiaze it’s just nature taking its course, but our family had taken quite a liking to our family of robins. After it was over, we found Michael out of bed wondering what was going on. We told him what happened, and he was upset. He went off muttering something about hating that raccoon and wishing it would die. My sentiments exactly. This particular raccoon has been plaguing me since we moved in. We’ve looked each other in the eye challengingly on more than one occasion. I think we both know he has the upper hand. The little bugger.

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