Reid and Lord of the Rings

I remember the shock I received, oh, maybe 20 years ago, when I learned that two good friends of mine, Reid and Debbie, had NEVER read Lord of the Rings. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they were proud of the fact, and even made FUN of the book. It almost made me dump them as friends. Well, I must have forgiven them: I married one of them, and the other was my matron ^h^h^h^h^h^h maid-of-honour.

Now, finally, Debbie has decided to read Lord of the Rings. She’s chronicling her journey through it on her site. Of course, as any normal person could predict, she’s LOVING it. And so, Reid has lost his ally to the other side!!. And I get to say, “Nya nya, Debbie’s reading it… Debbie’s liking it, Nya Nya!!”

It’s time I pull out all the LoTR books and leave them in key places around the house. Perhaps if anyone reading this e-mails him, begging him to read it and succumb to the LoTR side, he’ll actually give it a try!!

No need to call 911!

Well, it seems I didn’t plunge 12 feet down to my death as my husband, brother and father feared.

Sheesh. Everyone got all worried when I needed to paint the stairwell. I do all my house painting while the kids are at school and Reid is at work. But for the stairwell, they wanted to make sure someone was around, I suppose, so that they could call 911 if they heard a big thump. So I ended up painting the stairwell one evening and Reid worked from home another day while I did the second coat.

Now where does one find a scaffold to put on stairs?? I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I built up an 8 foot long plank that could be used between two ladders (my brother had to tell me how to make it sturdy). I’m very proud of myself, not having done anything like it before. (Silly being proud over something so easy to build.) It was lucky Reid was around after all. I couldn’t lift the thing after I built it!

I’ve been painting on and off for months now, and although it’s been fun, I’m started to get really tired of it. I’m close to the end now, though!! I’ve only got the second coat to paint on the non-stairwell part of the hallway, and the trim on what seems like thousands of doors to go. Oh, yeah, and I have to rip up the carpet. 😛