Teenage Robins

This morning, I went out back to water some plants. I looked up at the robin’s nest under the deck roof and noticed two birds standing next to each other looking out. I thought it was mama and papa robin, but I’ve never seen them standing there like that. I thought they must be standing on the baby’s heads! But then I realized they WERE the babies!! They were teenagers now!! They had speckled fluffy breasts instead of the red breast. Wow. The others must have flown off! So I quickly watered the plants, thinking I might be able to watch them fly off. By the time I was done, there was only one remaining in the nest!

I quickly went indoors and watched from there. Just before I went in, I noticed mama bird (from now on, I assume it’s mama) with food in it’s mouth. As soon as I was inside, the last baby (I mean teen, they grow so fast *sniff!!) jumped and flew down to the deck. It ended up between two rails on the deck, facing the pool. Then I watched mama as she came tantalizingly close, chirping all the while. Meanwhile, baby-teen chirped back. Suddenly, whoosh, dad comes flying by at 100 miles per hour chasing another robin away, chirping madly. Mama stays close, eventually flying up to the nest looking for others, I guess. No one there (so sad!). She flew up to the top of the deck and stayed close to baby-teen. Eventually, she flew down to baby-teen and gave it the food she had been so lovingly carrying in her mouth. Then she flew up to the top of the hedges. Soon after, baby-teen flew right across the pool (!) and landed in the day lilies. 😀 Yay!! First real flight!! I could see no more.

Hmm. I wonder if they’ll return to the nest! It’s the first time we’ve had a successful nest in the deck area. They always build there, but soon after, we find the nest knocked to the floor – either by some cat, or no doubt the raccoon. Perhaps leaving the lights on all night discouraged the raccoons. What a lovely start to my day!

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